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Sam Rivera: Digital Artist

Sam has had a passion for the arts since he was very young. He fell in love with cartoons, comic books, toys, video games, and movies. Especially how they were made. Being inspired by the pioneers of the entertainment industry, he knew his purpose in life was to inspire and enrich the lives of others with rich stories, stunning visuals, and products.

"My role as an Illustrator & Graphic Artist is to manifest ideas into reality. I am efficient in starting and completing projects, from thumbnail sketch to final art. I find contributing my own ideas has brought a unique perspective, and has been well received by my peers and leadership. I’m excited to overcome any new challenges. I discovered I can work well under pressure, problem solve, work as a team player, and last but not least, use my creativity to bring any vision to life. With a passion for technology and innovative art forms, I believe I can supply the creative and innovative thinking needed to enrich, solve, and encourage a company’s reach and branding through original work."

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